My Boostrap Menu

My Boostrap Menu


My Boostrap Menu is a fully customizable plugin that applies the Bootstrap formatting classes to any WordPress Navigation Menu. Bootstrap provides responsive menus for phones, tablets and desktops.

The plugin allows the user to select a menu by name, or by selecting your theme’s menu location. This gives extreme flexibility for theme developers, allowing multiple menus to be formatted as bootstrap menus- e.g. one fixed at the top and another at the bottom of the screen!

Works with all levels of Sub-menus! These were removed from Bootstrap in version 3, however we have included the original styles and each level will be correctly styled.

‘My Boostrap Menu’ is built on the ‘My Plugin Settings’ framework which creates simple and intuitive user interfaces for input forms; including media dialogues and the popup selection of Bootstrap Glyphicons.

More information here: My Bootstrap Menu


Fully customizable labels, logos, icons, formatting and alignment make this the most user and developer friendly menu tool. Additional styles have been included to tweak basic formatting issues when using Bootstrap navbars with WordPress. Each Menu can be Bootstrapped and configured with settings:

  • Choose your menu type
    • Navbar
    • Tabs
    • Pills
    • Buttons
    • Button Group
  • Select a menu location
    • Fixed to the top of the screen
    • Fixed to the bottom
    • Static Top
  • Choose to display:
    • Title
    • Logo
    • Login, Register
    • Search
  • Upload a custom Logo
    • Optional logo for the Mobile version
  • Custom Search box
    • Select a Glyhpicon, button type and labels
    • Choose default text for the search input box
  • Custom Login and Register buttons
    • Select Glyphicons and label text
  • Formatting
    • Align any/all menu elements left or right!
    • Customize the button menu style
    • Customize Sub-menu dropdowns and links
  • Advanced Options!
    • Optional container classes
    • Include WordPress default classes or not
    • Optional fixes for fixed top menus
  • All files included
    • Select whether to load the included versions of Boostrap and custom css.


Requires PHP 5.3+

My Bootstrap Menu can be installed in a few easy steps:


  1. Search for the ‘My Bootstrap Menu’ plugin via WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New
  2. Install with the ‘Install Now’ button


  1. Unzip “My Bootstrap Menu” and put all files into a folder like “/wp-content/plugins/my-bootstrap-menu/”
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


  1. Inside WordPress admin, go to Appearance > My Bootstrap Menu
  2. Select which menu or location to Bootstrap and select the checkbox: ‘Bootstrap this menu’
  3. Configure any other setttings
  4. Save and go to your site to see your new Menu!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the settings for each menu?

All settings are managed in Wordpres Admin > Appearance > My Bootstrap Menu

Why isn’t my menu being bootstrapped?

There are a couple of things to make sure of: 1. The checkbox ‘Bootstrap this menu’ is checked 2. The settings are saved 3. You are either loading the plugin’s version of Bootstrap, or you have one loaded with your theme 4. The menu is being called by name correctly 5. The theme location is being called correctly in your theme files

Does this plugin work with newest WP version

Yes, this plugin works fine with WordPress 4.2.2


  1. A standard Bootstrap Nav Menu, with logo and multi-tiered sub-menus
  2. Inverse Pills menu
  3. Button Menu aligned right, and different glyphicons for search and logout
  4. Mobile enabled responsive menu, features vertical button stacking.
  5. Glyphicon Selection for Search, Login, Logout, and Register buttons
  6. Select a logo to display on your menu



First release!

About us

This plugin has been developed by Michael Carder Ltd. It is is built on the ‘My Plugin Settings’framework which creates simple and intuitive user interfaces for input forms; including media dialogues and the popup selection of Bootstrap Glyphicons.

Contact us for more information.

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